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  • Sarah Steele

Fashion Fast

Updated: Apr 12

Having a fashion fast appears to becoming a thing. I've read a couple of books about making do, mending and slow stitching.

So my idea of not spending money fits well with not buying any clothes. Actually I thought not buying clothes would be the easy part.

I love clothes and have expensive taste. So for the last few years I have been buying those brands second hand. It's been both a way to afford the brands I like (Oska, Elemente Clemente, Crea Concept, Privatsachen, Grizas, Hebbeding, Odd Molly, Gudrun Sjodersen), and also to be happier that I am not supporting the sweatshop culture of some fast fashion brands.

Lucky for me, my wardrobe, whilst perfectly ordered is stuffed full of lovely clothes, although half of them don't fit. I am a terrible yoyo dieter so have clothes for fat and slim times.

As part of my challenge, I want to upcycle some of the pieces I adore but will never fit into. I am also planning to sell some items to end up with a perfectly curated capsule wardrobe.

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